Where ?

Address : 174 Rue des brasseries 54320 MAXEVILLE

Attention si vous utilisez un GPS / If you use one GPS : 36 Rue du Général Leclerc 54320 MAXEVILLE

Ligne de bus / Bus line : 131 - 132 - 133 Maxéville Mairie / Jarville Sion - Heillecourt - Fléville De la Noue : Arrêt Brasseries

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Line Up

Å (F)

Amenorrhœa (F)
Live at Nancy

Bruital Orgasme (B)
Live at Nancy

Yves Botz & Roro Perrot(F)
Roro Perrot Live at Paris

Clougnioule (F)
Live at Venezia

Coca Kolkhoze (F)
Live at Strasbourg

Crucifix Eye (B)
Live at Gent

Cyanescence (F)
Ganesh dans le Ciel

Die Braune Überraschung (F/Srb)
Live at Nancy

Dust Breeders (F)
Live at Paris with Junko

Ecoute La Merde (F)
Live in Russia

Flunitrazépam Halopéridol (F)
Live at Casa Merda

Anna Gaïotti (F)
rbel fter m heart 2012

Götterdämmerung (F)

Michel Henritzi (F)
Live in Japan with Fukuoka Rinji

I,Eternal (F)

Infected Signal (All)
Live at Karlsruhe

K.K.K.K. (F)

KrupuK (F)

Logical Fiend (F)
Loner Desk With Electric Garland [excerpt]

Lord Gonzo
Live at Nancy

Two Plants In My Life [excerpt]

MondeMort (F)

NoizeMaker (F)
Live at Nancy

Nundata (Srb)
Live at Nancy

NW (F)
Live at Instants Chavirés

O.S.125 (F)
Summer Of NoiZ

Otto Von Rhinau (F)
Necrotizing Fasciitis

PanemxCirconcis (F)


Popol Gluant (F)
Live at Miami

Prozak Maurice (F)
Live at EmileVache

J.J. Pth (F)
Live at Atelier de l'Etoile

R.P.T. (F)
Reaction Power Trio

Lauren Rodz (F)
Live im Waggon

Rotkappchen (F)
Le Petit Livre Rouge

Sdf Safari (F)
Lesson tonfa for love

Silence Bombay (F)
Live at Mulhouse

Solar Skeletons (B)
Mr Saler

S.T.A.T.U.S (F)

Sue 69 (All)
Live at Amsterdam

Svartvit (PB)
Worthless & Miserable

Tony Stirner (All)
Soundtrack for Felony

Uroben (F)

Uv Ursa Spr (F)

Venta Protesix (I)
Please, don't squirt your sperm on my face because I washed my hair this afternoon

Vomir (F)